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Thematic Investment

Investment in resilient asset classes with solid structural fundamentals, generating stable cash flows that thrive across economic cycles

We identify macro and micro trends in different asset classes and invest in areas where we find value. Our investment strategy involves staying ahead of the curve by applying international macro trends to Spanish-specific dynamics.
Medan believes that combining same asset class properties in a coherent strategy generates value and operational synergies, regardless of our position in the capital structure. This approach enhances NOI and generates potential for premium portfolio returns.

Bridge to Institutional Investors

We extend your reach, providing capital markets with unparalleled investment opportunities otherwise reserved to local players.

We bring value generating opportunities to institutional investors by identifying off-market local deals that are typically reserved for local players. Our approach takes into account the needs and requirements of institutional investors, as well as current trends in capital markets, to prepare our portfolios for future buyer needs and checks.
Medan provides meticulous underwriting of our opportunities and ongoing reporting, covering all operational, financial, accounting, development/CapEx, and ESG aspects of our investments.

Holistic Management Solutions

Comprehensive management services throughout the investment lifecycle, from identifying investment theses to divesting individual assets or portfolios.

We provide complete investment and asset management solutions, leading the execution at the Spanish level, providing you with timely and insightful reporting.

Medan employs a multidisciplinary team of investment bankers, investment professionals, real estate professionals and support individuals.
This allows us to approach each investment opportunity from multiple angles, analyzing risk and identifying value in a comprehensive manner.


Internalizing property and operating management to generate alpha through NOI expansion — both through top-line and OpEx levers.

We enhance portfolio performance and control through proprietary technology and vertical integration. It allows Medan to make timely decisions supported by unbiased data, enabling alpha-seeking strategies that are only possible with direct Asset Management-Operations control.
In-house operations prevent conflicts of interest with external service providers and ensure alignment with capital providers across the organization.

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