Operating Platform
Operating Platform

Nuva Living is an end-to-end redefinition of property management in the living space, built around the community.


We created Nuva with an investor DNA, and value and purpose are at the heart of what we do.


We want to satisfy new demand needs in the way our tenant base expects it. As such, digitalisation throughout the leasing cycle and a focus on community building are the basis of our operations.

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We Provide End-to-End Operating Solutions
We help you focus on strategic decisions, comprehensively managing all day to day operations and executing major strategic initiatives in the property. This allows us to filter the information you really need, how you need it.
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We Understand Your Priorities and Needs
We have an operating partner DNA. Our property management services were created on the basis of improving the incumbent offering. We are a property manager with an investor mentality.
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We Expand Your NOI by Going One Step Further
Thanks to our partnerships (utilities, furniture, insurance, cleaning and more) and best-in-class leasing execution, we can help you improve your top-line. Additionally, we take constant OpEx-saving action measures. Your property, optimized.
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We Make Things Happen
We are doers. For us, timely execution of strategic decisions and day-to-day activity is key to outperforming competition. We take pride in doing good for our clients and doing well for our tenants.
We implement digital integration throughout the entire leasing life cycle. Our tenant’s wants and needs are all solved through our platform.

Best in class operating management tools, integrated with our Nuva App.


Our tenants can use it to check their contract and billing details, book common areas, spend Nuva Points on our marketplace and more.

We care about
Tangible ESG measures
We are client-focused and ESG-conscious. Our interactions with our tenants not only concern us, they make us who we are.
Promoting sustainability and healthy community relations is paramount for Nuva. We want to do well for our stakeholders and do good for the communities we are involved with. 
Insightful & Institutional Reporting
Our reporting focuses on value creation and allows asset managers to know their portfolio in depth and help take useful decisions in light of market conditions’ evolution.